Fuzzy's Taco Shop | Testimonials
Tacos are forever.


If you’re thinking of opening a Fuzzy’s, you might want to hear from someone who’s done it before. Or, better yet, a few someones, like these guys and gals right here.


Why did you choose a Fuzzy’s Taco Shop franchise?
Because I’m otherwise unemployable… JK 🙂

What makes Fuzzy’s Taco Shop unique?
No doubt, it’s our people and our culture! Our food is great, but there’s lots of places to get great food. Our guests come back again and again because we keep the 3 promises:

  1. We serve a lot of great food at a great price.
  2. We do it with impeccable service every time…our guests go away happy.
  3. We do it in a very clean environment… every day,

We’re determined to make them feel like “Their Fuzzy’s” loves to serve them.

Why would you recommend a Fuzzy’s Franchise?
I served in the military for 13 years and I loved the brotherhood (please apply generically) that the military culture provided. Since then I’ve owned and operated several businesses. With the exception of my military time, I’ve never been a part of a “family” where we all strive together to help everyone succeed. Fuzzy’s is and will be part of my family…I like that. After reading that back, I’m realizing that i’m probably the crazy uncle at the family reunion that everybody wonders about.

What is it like to own a Fuzzy’s Taco Shop?
It’s not rocket science…but it’s not easy. You have to go to work every day….every day. AND…. it’s a freakin’ blast!

The food is all made fresh and it's awesome!


Why did you choose a Fuzzy’s Taco Shop franchise?
Great food and fun atmosphere. Sounds simple enough – but it’s very hard to find a concept that nails both. Also fast casual is the growing trend these days.

What makes Fuzzy’s Taco Shop unique?
We are fast casual but still have this friendly ‘full service’ mentality. We offer a full bar and appeal to almost every demographic out there. Honestly no other concept can make that claim.

Why would recommend a Fuzzy’s Franchise?
The cost of investment to overall potential sets us apart. You can be unique as you build out your location. The franchisor offers a lot of flexibility there. And the food is all made fresh and it’s awesome!

What is it like to own a Fuzzy’s Taco Shop?
Fun 🙂 Seriously I haven’t felt like I’m going to work once in 6 years. There’s long days and it’s hard work – but you get to work in a place where you can have fun while taking care of guests. Pretty exciting. Also there’s a pride factor in being part of something that no one else is doing.