Fuzzy's Taco Shop | We’re Sorta Fond of Our Spicy Pork Torta


We’re Sorta Fond of Our Spicy Pork Torta

At Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, it’s no surprise we’re fond of tacos. We love them so much we put them in our name. (Fuzzy’s Chips and Queso Shop just wasn’t quite catchy enough.)

But despite our undying affection for tacos, we firmly believe in spicing things up and keeping things fresh. We are creatures of habit, yes, but we encourage you to add new things to your order when you can. In addition to tacos, we offer burritos, quesadillas, chips and queso, breakfast tacos and a large array of Mexican deliciousness. We also sell a good ol’ fashioned torta.

Say whata?

Simply, a torta is a Mexican sandwich. And we got ’em.

Now, hold up. Yes, we always have sandwiches on our menu, but our spicy pork iteration demands your attention. Why? Well, how about spicy pork served on grilled teleres bread with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, shredded cheese and garlic sauce and a side of Latin fried potatoes. That’s why.

Admit it. That sounds pretty fantastic, doesn’t it? Sorta, torta.

Look, we’re not saying to abandon your normal Fuzzy’s order altogether. All we’re saying is, well, give pork a chance. Spicy pork, to be specific. Your normal order, whether it’s tacos, a jumbo burrito or quesadillas, isn’t going anywhere. And you wouldn’t be a true Fuzzy’s fan if you didn’t try everything on the menu, right?

Right. You like pig butts and you cannot lie. Because pork comes from the pig’s bu… never mind. We think you’re picking up what we’re putting down.

So, spice up your life courtesy of our new spicy pork sandwich. Try it. You may find you have a new regularly scheduled order.