Fuzzy's Taco Shop | Tips for Making Your Road Trip More Enjoyable


Tips for Making Your Road Trip More Enjoyable

From the Joads to the Griswolds to Harry and Lloyd to the Griswolds all those other times, the road trip has been an American staple as long as the rubber has been able to meet the road. And while most road trip stories are full of hijinks, detours and breakdowns, yours doesn’t have to be a bumpy ride.

All you have to do is follow these tried and tested Fuzzy’s rules to make your road trip actually enjoyable. Well, at least for you. The patience of your fellow passengers will really decide how much fun they have. Whatever you do, don’t take a left at Albuquerque.

Debate factual information without checking the Internet
This is what is called a throwback. You see, before smartphones, people had to tell each other things like Creed’s “With Arms Wide Open” was off the band’s second album, Human Clay, and not Weathered, which was their third album. This could take a really long time if certain people were stubborn. Do this right — for example, try and figure out how many seasons Family Matters aired, or the order in which the states joined the Union — and you can be entertained for hours. 

Explain an entire movie plot to someone who has never seen said movie
This was originally intended to be an in-person exercise, but it’s actually better if you call someone and explain it to them. Everyone loves listening to one side of a really long conversation that essentially holds the entire car hostage. Bonus points if it’s for a movie you haven’t seen in a long time, and you can’t remember any of the characters’ names. Please, no help from the audience. 

Play Taco Slash on our app and have the loser buy Fuzzy’s at your next stop
The nice thing about this idea is that you can either go with one phone that everyone passes around, enabling you to text and surf Instagram (oh, hey @fuzzystacoshop) while your brother keeps trying to beat your epicness, or you can all download the app and play over and over until you reach Fuzzy’s. You were driving to Fuzzy’s, right? 

Make a playlist longer than your trip so you don’t hear the same songs on repeat
Or, and hear us out, you could play Creed’s Greatest Hits, which is songs from three albums, because the record industry used to just print money. But if you value your sanity, maybe go more traditional and make sure your playlist has plenty of length. This can be tough if you’re driving for more than a couple of hours, so consider a music app that makes its own playlists. 

Plan fun monument stops along the way with your Fuzzy’s gear
This ties in perfectly with your Fuzzy’s stop. We loooove when y’all get our good side, so if you can get a picture of you in your favorite Fuzzy’s t-shirt in front of a National Historical Landmark (or giant ball of yarn) with #WorldOfFuzzys and the name of the landmark, you could make it onto our website. That’s worth a road trip on its own.

Drive safe, everyone, and remember: Though they both became states on the same day in 1889, North Dakota is the 39th state and South Dakota is the 40th.