Fuzzy's Taco Shop | What We’re Thankful For, 2016 Edition


What We’re Thankful For, 2016 Edition

2016 has been…how do we put this…interesting? It’s been a year of baseball upsets, super moons, way too many celebrity deaths and some kid named Daniel and his impressive shoes. Some want it to be over and others are just thankful that the election is finally in our rearview mirrors.

Many families begin their Thanksgiving meal by saying one thing they’re thankful for. Because we’re a taco shop, we like to start our Thanksgiving with more than just one item of gratitude. We’re a happy bunch, and we have a lot to be thankful for.

Last year, we gave thanks for the new taco emoji, our very own Kolsch-style beer and much, much more. We have plenty of things to say “gracias” for in 2016, so enough small talk. Let’s dig in. This year, we’re thankful for…


Our New Burrito Bowls

We like serving up our ingredients in all different shapes and forms. Of course, tacos, quesadillas and tortas are no-brainers, but this year we decided to add something new to our line-up for a limited time: burritos!

Wait, no. Burritos in a bowl.

These low-carb alternatives were just as mouthwatering as our jumbo burritos but without the tortilla. And because we love you, we created multiple bowls types, including grilled veggies with spicy chimichurri sauce, fajita beef with spicy chimichurri sauce and fajita chicken with fire-roasted salsa.

If you didn’t catch the burrito bowls during their awesome run, don’t panic. They could be making a comeback soon…

Even More New Fuzzy’s Locations

This is something we’ll always be ecstatic about. More Fuzzy’s = nationwide enjoyment.

From Texas to Nebraska to the Sunshine State, Fuzzy’s is slowly, surely and deliciously making its way across the U.S. of A. We won’t rest until we have Fuzzy’s in all 50 states and beyond. (Looking at you, Puerto Rico.)

Check out our new 2016 locations here.


We kind of have a wild side. You’ve probably seen it. Our weapon of choice?

Margaritas. *maracas shake*

And not just any margaritas, mind you. We’ve got a bevy of creative concoctions we’re thankful for: margaritas on the rocks, frozen margs, beeritas, crazy margs and a good ol’ fashioned margarita with a shot. What’s your favorite?

Our Licker License

Our margaritas aren’t specific to 2016, and we could say the same about our Licker License. No, we didn’t spell that wrong. We’re thankful for our locations that allow our guests’ furry friends on the patio. Nobody likes to eat alone, and select Fuzzy’s allow you to bring Sparky along to watch you chow down on your human food.

Our Partnership with No Kid Hungry

We just have to say how proud we are to be a part of such a great cause. In the month of September, $0.25 of every souvenir cup sold went toward keeping hungry kids fed. Our guests can also donate 25 of their Fuzzy’s points (a $1 donation) from our mobile app. Overall, we raised a total of $80,653.25 for No Kid Hungry. $1 can connect about 10 children to meals, so we’re pretty excited about that number. Speaking of our app…

The Fuzzy’s App

It’s Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in the palm of your hand! We’re thankful for our wonderful app and all its great features. Taco-themed photo filters, Fuzzy’s social media, games and, of course, ways to save you moolah and get more Fuzzy’s in your belly.

OK, sorry. We’re kind of over-achievers. We’re thankful for a lot. But now we have that out of the way, let’s bring on Thanksgiving and a taco-filled end to 2016!