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Taco Bout’ A Summertime Fiesta

Hola, beaches. It’s summertime!

Now that the season has finally rolled around, we only have one thing on our mind: fiesta time.

And sunscreen. Lots and lots of sunscreen. (Okay, so there are two things we have on our mind.)

A Mexican-inspired summer party is a definite must, and we at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop can’t get enough of them.

If you want to do it the Fuzzy’s way, you’ll need a few things in order to turn this boring afternoon siesta into a cool summer fiesta.



This fiesta’s on fire!

No, really. Depending on where you live in the US, it may literally be as hot as the Mexican sun. Be sure to keep your guests (and yourself) refreshed, hydrated and feeling good with some margaritas (frozen or on the rocks).

For those of you feeling a bit rowdier, save some of the tequila, salt and lime wedges and kick off the night with some shots, shots, shots, shots, shots — shots, everybody!

Salsa Bar

No fiesta is complete without an assortment of chips and salsa, right? Create a salsa station where everyone can chip n’ dip their way to happiness. Bonus points if you can pull off this move.

If you’re really getting into the Mexican spirit, add some Fuzzy’s guacamole and Jalapeño-Cilantro queso to heat things up even more.


No, not like people who adore you. Actual fans. It’s hot out there. We’re just being practical.

Homemade Photo Booth

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An empty wall or fence.
  • A few Mexican decorations (Mexican flag, fun banners, tissue-paper flowers, piñatas, etc.) to decorate your wall or fence.
  • A few Mexican props (maracas, sombreros, fake mustaches, etc.) everyone can use and wear in their photos.
  • Fun friends.
  • Your camera (or your phone).

Create your own photo booth right in your own home and let your guests do the rest.

Tank Tops

Fun’s out, guns out. You’ve been working on that summer body, right? If not, who cares. Tank tops rule either way.

And may we suggest you make a fashion statement with one of these?

A Piñata

Once you’re done using that piñata in your photo booth’s festive backdrop, you know what to do…

Mexican Party Games

Put that “Monopoly” board game away. What is this? A dull winter party?

You need to stay Mexican true and through the entire party. May we suggest these party games?

  • Sombrero Dance. Like musical chairs, but participants pass a sombrero around the room while everyone dances. When the music stops, the person under the sombrero is out!
  • Red Hot Chili Pepper Contest. This has nothing to do with the band. See who can muster up the courage to take on some jalapeños, serranos and habaneros. The last person to reach for their drink is declared the winner.
  • Macho Nacho Contest. Divide into teams of two. One person must stand with their hands behind their back in front of a big bowl of nachos. Their partner stands behind them and serves as “the arms.” “The arms” must feed the nachos to their partner. First team to finish wins. It’s a big fun mess.

Tacos, Tacos, Tacos
You didn’t think we forgot, did you? After all these activities, you’re gonna need to refuel. Let Fuzzy’s Taco Shop cater your next fiesta to ensure all the amigos leave happy.