Fuzzy's Taco Shop | SPLASH OF BAJA



It’s a new year and we have a new vibe, so get ready to Baja like a boss. Now don’t worry, our killer food and guaranteed good vibes are here to stay; we’re just adding a little more sauce (specifically Butt Burnin’ Sauce) to keep things interesting. 2018 was phenomenal thanks to our taco craving guests, and we plan to make 2019 just as addictive.

We’ve been asked time and time again: Fuzzy’s, what is Baja? Is it a region? A vibe? Some sort of spice? Well,  we’re here to tell you that it’s whatever you interpret it to be. It can be the south-of-the-border twist we put on your favorite dishes, or it can be the deep breath you take when you sit down with a group of friends and start to sip on a schooner. However you define it, Baja is what makes Fuzzy’s different from the other taco shops.

A dose of Baja and sunshine is critical to a healthy outlook, so come sit on the patio, sip a beer, munch on some nachos, and chill. Bring your buds or or your family and go to town on tacos that are totally Baja heaven.

National Margarita Day is on February 22nd, so we’re stocking up on Fuzzy Dust, chips, tortillas, and, most importantly, tequila to prepare for a Fuzzy’s fiesta unlike any other. Whether you’re a college student on a tight budget or a CEO head-honcho, we have a party planned that will blow the lid off of this joint. As the unofficial sponsors of this most important holiday, we encourage everyone to come toss back a margarita and toast to our favorite drink. We’re supplying the Baja, the booze and bites¾all we need is you.

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