Fuzzy's Taco Shop | What Santa’s Reindeer Would Order at Fuzzy’s


What Santa’s Reindeer Would Order at Fuzzy’s

Santa gets a lot of love during the holiday season, as he should. But where would ol’ Saint Nick be without his faithful reindeer?

Holiday Margarita

Marooned on the North Pole, that’s where.

Last we checked, Santa Claus isn’t Superman. He isn’t flying around in a big red cape doling out presents to all the good little boy and girls. He needs those four-legged friends of his to guide his sleigh tonight.

Now we’d assume that Santa and his reindeer would take a pit stop at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop during their travels if they didn’t have such a busy schedule. Also, we’re closed in the middle of the night, so that’s not really conducive to Kris Kringle’s itinerary.

But if that wasn’t the case, we imagine all the reindeer would easily pass on the carrots and head to Fuzzy’s instead. Based on their unique and exuberant personalities, here’s what we can speculate would be each reindeer’s Fuzzy’s order.


He’s one of the fastest, if not THE fastest reindeer in Santa’s crew. He’s a social butterfly and loves to party.

Dasher would really dig our spicy pork taco. The spicy shredded pork is sure to keep him on his toes (hooves?).


Dancer might not be as quick as Dasher, but he’s just as big of an extrovert. Like his name implies, Dancer is always the first one on the dance floor, busting a movie and showing the North Pole what’s up.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if his favorite menu item turns out to be chips and salsa. Salsa is kind of his favorite dance, after all.


Prancer is a cosmopolitan reindeer. He loves looking good and accessorizing, and some may even call him vain. (They’re just jealous.)

Because he’s always trying to maintain his arctic beach body, he’d be a big fan of our shredded chicken salad or maybe one of our burrito bowls. Calorie counting, y’all.


Everybody has a funny friend. The North Pole has vixen. He’s an entertainer by nature, a comedian and an all-around good guy. He also has quite the sweet tooth.

Vixen could probably skip his meal and head straight for our sopapilla chips, loaded with cinnamon-sugar and honey.


Maybe one of the most handsome reindeer, Comet is laid-back, considerate and caring. Some say he’s Santa’s right-hand deer when he’s got serious business to take care of (e.g., checking his list, checking it twice, etc.).

He’s like our shredded chicken taco in that everyone loves him and he’s got the perfect mix of ingredients/traits.


It’s no surprise that Cupid is a hopeless romantic. Actually, she’s a pretty hopeful romantic, as she sees the best in everyone around her and will go out of her way to make a love connection.

She’d love our enchilada plate since she’s all about spreading the love.


He’s the Frank Sinatra of his friends, with his low baritone voice and crooner sound. Donner comes from the word “thunder” in German, which makes sense, as he’s always making a big boom in the lives he touches.

Donner’s heading straight for that jumbo burrito. No question about that.


Similar to his buddy Donner, Blitzen’s name comes from the word “lightning.” He can give Dasher a run for his money when it comes to speed, but Blitzen is always on time, prompt, organized and in charge. He can sing a mean duet with Donner, too.

He likes to eat fast (places to go, reindeer to see). He’d enjoy our bean and cheese nachos before getting back into action.


Ah, yes. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Had a very shiny nose, all that. While he’s probably the most famous of the nine reindeer, he’s still pretty shy. He’s humble and gets joy out of helping others. Of course, once you get to know him, he can be pretty playful. Loves reindeer games.

We think he’d love our shredded brisket quesadillas. Why? Because they might not be your first choice, but once you recognize their awesomeness, they’re easily your favorite menu item.