Fuzzy's Guide to Breaking Your New Year's Resolution


Fuzzy’s Guide to Breaking Your New Year’s Resolution

So, how’s your resolution going? Oh. Excuse us. Resolutions. Plural.

What’d you give up?



Chewing gum?

You did not say tacos. Or burritos. Or quesadillas.

Well, whatever goals you’ve set for the coming year, we’re cheering for you.

However, since you’re swearing off “so bad they feel good” (as opposed to “so good they’re awesome”) habits like binge-watching trashy TV and texting your ex, we feel confident predicting that, at some point, the going will be getting a bit tough.

That first week? A walk in the park. You’re feeling charged up, plus you’ve got momentum on your side. After week three? Maybe you start thinking you won’t be able to go the distance.

That’s why we’re planning ahead and are excited to announce that January 17 is “Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day.” While we’re not saying you should completely abandon your lofty ambitions for 2018, we are saying it’s OK to relax a little. 2017 was a real doozy. At the very least, you can look forward to this wonderful holiday as an opportunity to take a break and reward yourself.

In fact, psychologists say you’re more likely to clean your resolution plate (so to speak) by taking bite-size chunks out of all you’ve piled on it. If you set your sights on nothing but the top of the mountain, you’ll overwhelm yourself before you even hit your first benchmark. It’s science. Or something.

And, since you’ll be putting that resolution on hold shortly, might we suggest you pop into your local Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and find a solution to your anti-resolution? Like smothered burritos, chips and queso with chorizo, Drunken Pig soup, tempura shrimp tacos, shredded brisket nachos… even a beerita (or two). Heck, if you’re feeling a tad guilty, you can still order one of our salads or lower-cal burrito bowls.

Come January 18, you can climb back onboard whatever wagon it is you fell, er, momentarily stepped off of. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy putting the “re” back in front of “energized,” “juvenated” and “deem”? And never fear — your secret’s safe with us. After all, we wouldn’t be your neighborhood Fuzzy’s if we didn’t check in to see how you’re doing every once in a while.

Now, if for SOME reason you did actually give up tacos starting January 1…

Ignore everything we just said. You’re obviously not thinking clearly and need to make a new resolution to revise your existing resolutions. A full 365 days without tacos? It’s outlandish, irresponsible and downright cruel.

Happy New Year!