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Pro Players to Watch This Season

The 2016–2017 football season is well underway. It’s a time for tailgating, painting your face, screaming at your TV and devoting each and every Sunday to the gridiron. One of the most predictable things about each season is that, well, it’s unpredictable. Analysts and sideline reporters can give you their 2 cents about what to expect for upcoming plays and games, but let’s be honest; it’s almost impossible to know what’s actually going to happen. Each year, some players experience astronomical rises to greatness, while others plummet back down to Earth, mere mortals.

Game Day at Fuzzy's

While Fuzzy’s Taco Shop can’t predict the future, we’d like to think we know a little bit about one of our favorite sports. So take it with a grain of margarita salt, but here our favorite pro players to dig into this season:


Dak Prescott, Dallas

When Tony Romo inevitably got hurt during the preseason, Dallas fans across the country let out a collective groan. But when rookie QB Dak Prescott took over, fans quickly thought, “Wait, who Dak?”

Tony Romo looks to be back in action soon, prompting discussion of whether Jerry and company should take the ball out of Dak’s hands. Through his first five games, he’s thrown 1,239 yards for four TDs and has run in three TDs himself. He’s also thrown 155 pass attempts without an interception — in his rookie season. That’s the second-best ever, eclipsed only by Tom Brady.

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia

The next QB on the up-and-up is an unlikely young man from North Dakota. Unfortunately, Carson Wentz threw his first interception in Week 5, but that hasn’t diminished his quick rise to fame. Through five games, he’s thrown for 1,007 yards and seven TDs. Philly fans are catching on, and even North Dakota sports stores can’t keep Wentz jerseys from flying off their shelves.

Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas

Let’s take it back to Dallas for a second. Between Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, no two rookies have ever had 1,000-plus yards (QB) and 100-plus yards/game (RB) in the first four games. Ever. Elliott has literally come out sprinting in the first quarter of the season and doesn’t seem to be slowing down, much to his defenders’ dismay.

Tom Brady, New England

We already know a lot about Tom Brady, but here are a few details worth mentioning: He just spent the first four weeks of the season suspended for Deflategate, he’s 39 years old and he’s really ticked off. He threw for more than 400 yards and three TDs in his first game of the season. He’s definitely back, y’all.


Adrian Peterson, Minnesota

In what could be the biggest fantasy football bust of the year, Adrian Peterson, who was expected to dominate again this season, went down with a torn meniscus in Week 2. Peterson has been one of the most talented RBs in the league during the past decade, so this is a major blow. He may be back for the playoffs, but that’s a major maybe.

If it’s any consolation, Minnesota is 5-0 without him.

Andrew Luck, Indianapolis

When he was drafted out of Stanford, he was hailed as the next John Elway. But this season has been rocky for this potential Hall of Famer. Indianapolis has had some explosive plays, but bottom line, Luck’s offensive line just can’t seem to protect him. In fact, it got so bad against Philadelphia, they actually took Luck out so he wasn’t sacked to death.

Don’t count him out for ensuing years, but this season isn’t looking good.

Jimmy Graham, Seattle

Several years ago, New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham was drafted as the No. 1 overall pick in fantasy football leagues across the country. Now, as a player for Seattle, he’s not even a top-10 tight end. Granted, his type of knee injury is difficult to come back from, but still, this gridiron giant has seemed to shrink back to reality — even if he is 6-foot-7-inches.

Whether boom or bust, football is best viewed with a taco in one hand and a beerita in the other. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is the place to watch all of the 2016 highlights and shout “Come on, man!” at the TV. Ready, set, break!