Fuzzy's Taco Shop | How to Prepare Your Dog for a Visit to the Fuzzy’s Patio


How to Prepare Your Dog for a Visit to the Fuzzy’s Patio

Did you know we have our Licker License? That’s right, friends. Not only can we serve hooch, we can serve your pooch on many of our Fuzzy’s Taco Shop patios. We definitely like people, but man’s best friend holds a special place in our heart. That’s why we welcome yours with open arms — and cold water bowls — at our establishments.

(Note: In this context, “hooch” refers to our margaritas and cervezas. Not, you know, moonshine.)

We’re sure your pup has been trained on all the basics and maybe even has some expert-level tricks up its non-existent sleeve. That being said, there’s always that fear your dog won’t behave properly in a new situation. So we’re here to help you and your four-legged tyke with Fuzzy’s Dog Training 101.

Train your dog to NOT eat tacos

This may seem counterintuitive at first. (“But I’m taking my dog to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop!?”) Right you are, but this isn’t Furry’s Taco Shop. We serve human food here. Do we doubt your dog would demolish some Fuzzy’s tacos or one of our jumbo burritos? No. He’d be on it quicker than you could say, “No, Lassie, no!!”

It’s important that your dog keeps its composure while on the patio. It’s not just for the safety of our guests, but also so your dog looks cool in front of the other dogs. Practice by leaving some tacos out in front of your dog and training him not to eat them. After he’s kept a safe distance and hasn’t made a move, reward his restraint with a doggy treat.

By the end of your training, you should be able to leave a plate of tacos out without a single bite being taken. (At least not a bite from your dog. We can’t train your roommates.)

Familiarize your dog with the menu

It doesn’t hurt to show your pooch the Fuzzy’s menu so he can know what to expect. The more he knows about where he’s going, the better prepared he’ll be. Does this make sense? Not really. Is it more to get your mouth watering for your own Mexican food feast? Yes. That’s why you’re the owner, and he’s the dog.

Practice with distractions

Fuzzy’s are usually pretty busy. Practicing in a quiet, calm house doesn’t really prepare your pal for the real world. Leave the TV on. Talk on the phone. Walk by with plates of food.

This is key.

Know thyself, know thy dog

Are you a bit of a space cadet? Does your dog like to run off? Maybe a short leash with a wrist strap is best.

Give your dog a last-minute pep talk

Either at home or on the way to Fuzzy’s, impart any last-minute wisdom to your pup. Review everything you’ve gone over and make sure he’s in a calm state of mind. Maybe play some of that music they play in spas. Or Enya.

It’s showtime.

Reward your dog for good behavior

If he makes it through with no major incidents, maybe some celebratory leftovers are in order? That’s up to you, but we’re fans of positive reinforcement, especially when it involves food.

Remember, not all Fuzzy’s Taco Shop locations have their Licker License yet, so be sure to call ahead before bringing your four-legged friends. Sniff ya later!