Fuzzy's Taco Shop | Get ready to celebrate National Taco Day at Fuzzy's


Get ready to celebrate National Taco Day at Fuzzy’s

What is the most important day of the year? The debate rages on. Some say New Year’s Day: a time to start fresh; you know, “out with the old, in with the new.” Others say Independence Day: a day to celebrate the birth of our great nation. Still others say Thanksgiving: a day to gather ’round the table, share a feast and give thanks with — and for — family and friends.

Some of you weirdos even say Groundhog Day, but that’s just because you’re obsessed with Bill Murray.

To all of you good people, we say… NOPE.

The most important day of the year is October 4th. What’s October 4th, you say?

National Taco Day.

Now, not to get all “fan boy” on you, but we’re a little bit obsessed with tacos here at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. They’re what we stand for, why we get up in the morning, what we strive to be more like each and every day. They’re perfection. They’re why painters paint, why singers sing, why dancers dance — and why eaters eat.

Tacos aren’t one of the reasons we love what we do. They are THE reason.

Knock knock. Who’s there? Burgers. Burgers, who?

How DARE you bring up burgers on National Taco Day. This isn’t National Food That Can’t Decide If It’s A Sandwich Or Not Day. Nor is it National Hot Dog Day. It isn’t even National Mac And Cheese Day. National Taco Day is the only such Day as far as we’re concerned. (Sorry, we’re getting a little heated. It happens when you start defending the things you love.)

Not to discount our other menu items, but our taco section is pretty stacked. We mean, come on, check it out. We’ve got shredded chicken, shredded brisket, special ground beef, spicy pork, tempura fish, grilled fish and even grilled veggies. Because why can’t tacos go on a health kick too?

But wait! There’s more.

To honor this wonderful day, we will be offering these tacos for just. One. Dollar. Each.

One dollar and you’re officially a member of the National Taco Day taco club, eating tacos, thinking about tacos and generally just being all about tacos. TACOS!!!

But for real, if you can’t tell, we dig this whole taco thing and we want to celebrate it with the people we love: our guests. Come celebrate National Taco Day with your favorite taco shop and, together, we can join hands and honor the greatest day on our nation’s calendar.

Actually, we don’t have to hold hands. It was worth a shot, though. And, by the way, this offer is valid at participating locations and for dine-in only.

October 4th. See you here at Fuzzy’s, taco lovers.