Fuzzy's Taco Shop | National Hot Breakfast Month


National Hot Breakfast Month

One could argue any taco is the most important taco of the day. But for February, we wanted to call attention to one of mankind’s most glorious creations – breakfast tacos. Oh…and burritos, too.

The Mayo Clinic said breakfast should be made up of lean protein, grains, and vegetables, and this taco joint is following the doctor’s orders. We have tacos and burritos for every breakfast occasion – on the way to school, before work or during a hangover, these tacos will add the right amount of Baja to your day.

On average, Americans should eat roughly 400 calories for breakfast, but sadly 10 million Americans skip this meal every morning. Well, America, we are here to change that. We know you want to go for breakfast, not for broke – that’s why our tacos our tacos start at only $2. We also understand not everyone has an appetite in the morning, so if you are feeling on the lighter side, go for our breakfast tacos. But, if you wake up a little on the hangry side, our breakfast burritos are for you.

Since February was National Hot Breakfast Month, we supplied local firefighters in our communities with these delicious bundles of joy. We figured, “Hey, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and firefighters for suuuuuure need every ounce of energy they can get.”

I mean, what better way to start your morning than with eggs, cheese and potatoes wrapped in a warm tortilla blanket, with a splash of Butt Burnin’ SauceÒ?