Fuzzy's Taco Shop | What Your Margarita Choice Says About You


What Your Margarita Choice Says About You

One of our favorite sayings at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is, “Relax, unwind…it’s margarita time!”

That’s just the kind of place we are, and depending on what kind of person you are, your margarita choice can say a lot about you. Are you the fun one? The wild one? The nice one? The responsible one? Maybe a combination?

Day in and day out, we see our guests enjoying one of our libations and have observed similarities in who’s drinking what. Here’s what your margarita choice says about you.

Classic Margarita on the Rocks

You’re traditional. That doesn’t mean boring, neat or even tidy, but you appreciate the classics. You’re not afraid of change or taking risks, but why fix something that’s not broken?

Favorite Movie: “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Favorite Music: Classic rock

Classic Frozen Margarita

You’re the responsible one. You like to have a good time, but you always have an eye on the nearest exit in case of emergency. You’re also the one your friends come to with their problems. Everyone needs a friend like you.

Favorite Movie: “Sweet Home Alabama”

Favorite Music: Anything by Beyoncé

Beerita (margarita with a Corona sticking out)

You’re the independent one. You don’t have a “group” of friends, necessarily; you sort of float from crowd to crowd. While you can be a bit of a lone wolf, you maintain meaningful relationships with people you enjoy.

Favorite Movie: “Fight Club”

Favorite Music: Indie rock

Crazy Margarita (flavored + beer combo)

You’re the fun one. The life of the party. When you enter a room, it’s usually met with a collective, “Heyyyyyy!” You can be serious, but no one can claim to have seen it.

Favorite Movie: “Weekend at Bernie’s”

Favorite Music: “Glee” soundtrack

Margarita With a Shot

You’re the crazy one. Every group of friends has one, and you are most definitely it. You have mastered the Irish goodbye and will randomly pop up in unusual places. There’s nothing wrong with the way you are, though your exes may disagree.

Favorite Movie: “Wedding Crashers”

Favorite Music: Anything you can dance to

Swirl Margarita

You’re the weird one. Don’t worry, “weird” is a good thing in our opinion. You are one-of-a-kind and have a unique perspective on life. If you were a Harry Potter character, you’d probably be described as Luna Lovegood.

Favorite Movie: Anything in the Harry Potter canon

Favorite Music: Global music

Of course, we don’t mean to stereotype our margarita drinkers. Perhaps you’re a total hot mess but enjoy a nice classic margarita on the rocks. It happens. The important thing is that you’re here, and you’re here to cheers.

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