Fuzzy's Taco Shop | Making National Avocado Day a Smash-Hit


Making National Avocado Day a Smash-Hit

Fry ‘em, mash’ em, stick ‘em on a skewer—no matter how you slice it, there’s no denying the amazing qualities of thisfeatured “fruit.”

Think you know what this celebrated produce is? Maybe because you’re smart, or maybe because we told you in the title. Either way, the answer is the glorious, creamy, vibrant superfood we know and love: the avocado. This “alligator pear” has become so popular that it regularly stars in viral internet videos and is even tattooed. on celebrities. Celebrity or not, we still like to keep things down to earth with our fresh guacamole – made-in-house with Pico de Gallo, lime juice, and seasonings, served with Fuzzy-Dusted tortilla chips. Need we say more? Spoiler: we’re going to.

Part of the reason our guacamole is so ridiculously delicious is because our avocados come from the avocado experts. Avocados from Mexico® supplies Fuzzy’s with the creamiest, freshest Hass avocados that hold a special place on our plates. After they’re picked at the peak of perfection, Avocados from Mexico gives the green light only to the best avocados before they head our way. From seed to shipment, there are multiple quality checkpoints to ensure only the finest fruit is exported. We like to think that every avocado dreams of being a part of our fresh, made-in-house guacamole, and we’re on a mission to make those dreams come true.

If you’re as hungry as us by now, you’ll be glad to know these avocados have earned their spot in many of our menu items. Take our California Heat Taco—topped with avocado slices, tempura shrimp, bacon, feta, shredded cheese, Pico de Gallo, and sriracha-lime sauce on a warm tortilla. If you’re feeling funky, you can even add sliced avocados on top of your nachos or dip those quesadillas in a side of the green goodness that is our made-in-house guacamole. No matter where, it’s safe to say this superfood is super good on just about any dish.

Speaking of “super,” avocados can take most meals from boring to bodacious by giving your body an extra boost. They’re packed with nearly 20 vitamins and minerals including fiber, calcium, potassium and vitamins A, D, K and E. Plus, avocados take being “the good kind of fat” as a compliment— the monounsaturated “good” fat found in them helps absorb these nutrients into your body. We love avocados, and it’s nice to know they love us back.

In the end, no matter how you avo your ‘cado, these green guys sure do know how to take tastiness to the next level. Right now, and only for a limited time, you can indulge in guacamole glory with the Chip Dippin’ Trio, including guac’s best friends: warm queso, fresh salsa and crispy tortilla chips. You might not be ready to commit to an avocado tattoo yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them on the daily this summer, especially on National Avocado Day, July 31st. Stop by your local Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and check out why life is greener on our side.