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It’s Kind of a Fuzzy’s Story

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop from Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on Vimeo.

It makes sense that Fuzzy’s Taco Shop now has a sizzle reel. After all, all of our orders come sizzling out of the kitchen. And seeing as we use fresh, made-to-order ingredients, you could say we’re the “reel” deal. (Okay, that last one was a bit of a stretch.) But for (really) real, this new, super-cool video encapsulates who we are and what we’re all about.

We encourage you to watch it here. But if you’re a busy person — as most Fuzzy’s fanatics are — here are the highlights:

Fuzzy’s = Vacation

We aim to make each experience at Fuzzy’s something that rivals your favorite spring break destination. Sure, you might be in the middle of America, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring that carefree beach experience to your hometown.

Each Fuzzy’s is Different

Although we want your experience to be equally excellent at each Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, that doesn’t mean each location has to look the same! We pride ourselves on the fact that every single Fuzzy’s is unique in some way and reflects the character and values of its surrounding community (more on that in a second).

New Locations

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We can’t pick a favorite Fuzzy’s location. That’s like deciding which is your favorite kid (only if you had hundreds of kids, that is). However, we are overcome with excitement whenever we get to open up shop in a new city.

Each new location is a blank canvas, and we get to paint the essence of Fuzzy’s into many more lives. We’re like the Bob Ross of taco shops.

Great Food, Everyday

As we mentioned, our food is fresh and made-to-order. We staff a full kitchen in all of our shops. We know that our epic menu and the quality of the food we serve are what bring people back to Fuzzy’s day in and day out.

So obviously, we take running a restaurant seriously. We believe it pays off. In fact, in 2016 alone, we served 18,625,009 tacos.

And you know what pairs great with our food…

Our Margaritas are In Demand

There’s a lot of different ways to enjoy a Fuzzy’s margarita, from the Traditional marg to the Beerita, the Sexyrita and many others. In 2016, we poured 1,140,043 margaritas, totaling 154,538 gallons. We think those numbers sort of speak for themselves…

Y’all are thirsty.

People Dig our Merch

It says a lot about the relationship we have with our Fuzzy’s fans that they really dig wearing our merchandise. So much so that we fit 18,849 of you with Fuzzy’s shirts last year.

We’re a Part of the Community

Most importantly, we feel that every Fuzzy’s Taco Shop should be a member of the surrounding community. Or else… what’s the point? Not only do we serve as a meeting point for family and friends looking for a great place to enjoy one another’s company — we also engage in several initiatives to give back, including:

We don’t do this for a pat on the back. We do it because we can, because we want to and because that’s what life at Fuzzy’s is all about.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with us. It has been an amazing ride so far.

And to those who’ve yet to experience Fuzzy’s… welcome to your new addiction!