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Items Every Taco Lover Needs in Their Life

Taco lovers don’t really need much. Put a taco (or three) in front of them and they’re content. Throw in some hot sauce, a cold drink and they’re in taco heaven.

But if the internet has taught us anything, it’s that you can never have enough random taco goodness in your life. So, in no particular order, here are a few items you’ll need to truly embody the taco lover we know you can be


This Taco Phone Case

You’re on your phone all day. It’s basically attached to either your hand or your ear, so there’s no better medium on which to showcase your taco love? Try this taco phone case on for size.

Now you can you say, “Tacos are calling my name” and really mean it.


This Taco T-Shirt

Though we like when you sport our Fuzzy’s t-shirts, we appreciate when you rep anything taco-related. This t-shirt, for example, is smart, witty and gets straight to the point.

Did we have you at tacos?


This Taco Coaster

Remind guests about your love for tacos every time they put down a glass. Protect your wooden table with these taco coasters.

This Taco Bumper Sticker

Let everyone on the open road know what kind of person you are with this taco bumper sticker. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get more respect on the road from other taco lovers. Or maybe not. Tacos can only do so much.

This Taco Shot Glass

To be used for your shots of tequila after you’ve consumed your tacos. Or whenever.

These Taco Flip-Flops

Not that we like the idea of you “stepping” on tacos, but these flip-flops are pretty stylish, don’t you think? If flip-flops are a little too casual for your taste, you can always rock these sweet kicks instead.

If you’ve got a little one in the nest, have it serve as your billboard to advertise your love for tacos. Like this infant bodysuitor this baby bib. Might as well get the taco love started early with this one, right?

As we mentioned earlier, if you die and go to taco heaven, we’d imagine our famous (or should we say “infamous”) hot sauce would be on hand. If you don’t want to wait to enjoy it in store, you can always order our original and habanero sauces in our online store.

Fuzzy Dust

It could arguably be the single most important ingredient in our tacos. It’s what gives our tacos their distinctive flavor. You can also pick up some Fuzzy Dust in our online store and get that flavor rolling at home.