Fuzzy's Taco Shop | How to Incorporate Fuzzy’s into your Graduation Celebration


How to Incorporate Fuzzy’s into your Graduation Celebration

Congratulations! You made it! Graduation used to seem so far away, but here you stand, mortarboard perched on your head, holding a diploma in your hand.

Pomp and circumstance are perfect reasons to celebrate with Fuzzy’s Taco Shop if we do say so ourselves. We’ve been there for your late-night study sessions and served you breakfast tacos before your early class, so of course we want to be there for you on this momentous occasion.

Here’s how you can incorporate Fuzzy’s into your graduation celebration:

Right “FUZZY’S” on your cap

Pay tribute to your favorite taco shop, and let everyone around you know what you’re all about. (You’re about tacos, and you’re not afraid to hide it.) Plus, your cap will be easier to find once it’s thrown in the air. Unless there are others who do the same thing, which sounds like a good problem to us.

Sneak tacos under your gown

Why not? It’s a long ceremony. You’re probably going to get hungry, so a snack may come in handy. You’ll have to develop a holder of sorts, but you’re smart. You are graduating, right?

Fill your cap with salsa or queso

While your commencement speaker drones on about “life after college,” whip out a bag of Fuzzy’s tortilla chips and use your cap as the salsa or queso bowl. That’s pretty resourceful, and resourcefulness looks good on a resume.

Just be careful when you throw your cap up in the air. That could not end well for those nearby.

Hit up Fuzzy’s before or after the ceremony

It’s important to get some delicious food in your system before a long event (especially for you kids at big universities). Come see us pre-graduation for your pre-game refreshments. If it’s a college graduation, perhaps a margarita or two beforehand may be in order. If you can’t swing by before, then definitely make plans to rendezvous with the crew afterward. It’s time to celebrate. Bring it in.

Cater your graduation party

Finally, once it’s time for your grad party, let Fuzzy’s cater your event. You and your classmates have worked hard (and so have your patient parents). Reward them with tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas and more. What could be better than that?!