Fuzzy's Taco Shop | How to ask someone to homecoming using your local Fuzzy’s


How to ask someone to homecoming using your local Fuzzy’s

Isn’t love lovely? We love you. You love tacos. Tacos love hot sauce. And on and on it goes.

So we’re especially smitten by a tradition that has blossomed into an extraordinary spectacle: homecoming.

Every year, millions of high school students put on their thinking caps and concoct creative ways to ask out their homecoming dates. A simple, “So, will you go to the dance with me?” won’t cut it anymore. Nay. Kids these days go all out, whether it’s skywriting, flash mobs, bungee jumping or any manner of daring feats of affection. The ante is continuously upped.


Fuzzy’s Taco Shop wants in on the action. There are tons of ways to incorporate your favorite taco shop into the mix, and it doesn’t have to involve you jumping out of a plane or through hoops of fire or any of that ballyhoo. Here are a few thought-starters on how to ask someone to homecoming with the help of your local Fuzzy’s.

Spell it Out with Tacos on their Driveway

Sure, it’ll take a lot of tacos, but it’ll be worth the squeal of delight on your date’s face when they come home and find “Homecoming?” written in tacos on their driveway. Be sure to put a protective sheet down underneath so you can still eat the tacos after they say yes. #CelebratoryTacos

Secret Message at the Bottom of their Fuzzy’s Cup

As you may know, once you purchase a Fuzzy’s cup, you can bring it back in and get refills. Bring in that Fuzzy’s cup, write a homecoming message at the bottom of the cup, and wait for them to glug, glug, glug, revealing said message.

Get the Fuzzy’s Team in on It

Of course, this will take some planning and coordination with your local Fuzzy’s, but with enough advance notice, you never know what you could pull off. Maybe the Fuzzy’s team asks your date out in unison, maybe in song. Maybe instead of writing their name on their taco order, they’ll write “Homecoming? Let’s taco about it.”

Take them to Fuzzy’s and Simply Ask

OK, if you’re not really one for big spectacles, this one’s for you. Simply take your date-to-be to your nearest Fuzzy’s, buy them their favorite tacos, and ask them point blank. Your chances are looking good. Everyone’s in a good mood with Fuzzy’s in their belly, right?