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Fuzzy’s End of Summer Bucket List

We should talk. Here, have a seat.

Are you comfortable? Can we get you anything?

OK. Look, there’s no good way to break it to you. So, we’re going to rip the band-aid right off.

Summer’s nearly over.

Whoa, whoa. Easy there. Summer’s not over yet.

But it’s true — the end is near. Of summer, that is. (Again, settle down.)

This happens every year, doesn’t it? We get all jazzed up about summer, it hits, and then we’re left sitting in a pool of sweat, wondering how it’s suddenly turned into August.

This summer at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, we’ve been all about that #BajaLife. Our guests have been chowing down on our new Mango Mahi Taco, Baja Shrimp Bowl and California Heat Taco, then rinsing it all down with Sunshine Mules and Trop Everything Ritas on one of our many sol-ful patios.

end of summer 1

If you haven’t partaken of the Baja Life yet this summer… well, what’s your excuse? You better get on that. And, while we’re being brutally honest, let’s admit to ourselves that’s probably not the only thing you need to get on. The start of the school year is rapidly approaching. That means your opportunities to enjoy some summer awesomeness are dwindling fast. (Seriously, stop panicking.)

So, let’s chat about your end-of-summer-back-to-school bucket list.

Beach Life

Have you made it out the coast yet? What about the Gulf? A lake? Heck, even a creek bank? We get so wrapped up in our day-to-day responsibilities that we forget how beautiful the world around us is. Summer is the time to remind ourselves of this. Grab some Fuzzy’s to-go, pack the cooler with ice (and Mexican beer) and find the nearest waterfront view before it’s too late.

Pool Time

We should first note that the pool is not an exact substitute for the beach. They should actually be enjoyed in tandem with one another.

Besides, you’ve been saying for years you’ve been wanting to work on that tan. Don’t be a quitter, then. Be a tanner. Make a vow that you’re going to spend every waking hour (not at work) at the pool for the rest of the summer. You’ll thank us later.

end of summer 2

Run Through the Sprinklers

Turn Netflix off. It’s not going anywhere. You know what is going somewhere? Your life. And more specifically, your 2018 summer life. Invite the neighbors over, throw on your swimsuits and have some fun in the sun the old-fashioned way.

At Fuzzy’s, we believe that no matter where you are, the only thing needed to make a memory is a good time. Just remember that as you fly recklessly down your make-shift slip n’ slide this weekend.

Patio Life

We mentioned it earlier, but our patios are where the party has been happening this summer. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Patio-sitting is the easiest good time to be had during these sunny months. It not only beats sitting on the couch by a long shot, but it also doesn’t break the bank like so many other summer activities. Plus, margaritas. (We probably should have listed that one first, come to think of it.)

end of summer 3

Baja Life Sweepstakes

Last but certainly not least, you aren’t really getting the most out of summer unless you take advantage of our fantastic Coca-Cola promotion. All you must do is post a photo on Instagram or Twitter, then tag it with #BajaLifeSweepstakes and #FuzzysTacoShop. It’s your chance to win a trip to Mexico for you and a friend.

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