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Fuzzy’s Cornutopia

Welcome to a corn lover’s dream world. Unlike the cornucopia from  which it gets its name, a CornUtopia is not a horn of plenty, but is instead a land of corn aplenty.

This promotion gives humble corn a creative kick in the kernel, making the fully fall-relevant flavor much more craveable – and certainly more celebrated – than it’s ever been before.

Ready for the most mouthwatering nonsense word you’ll hear all day? Cornutopia. It’s where Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is sharing honest-to-cob incredible corn dishes harvested straight from the dudes in our kitchen. We put roasted corn in brisket tacos with poblano peppers. In chicken quesadillas, with cilantro sauce. And in a cup! Which doesn’t sound exciting, but it is because it’s roasted street corn and that’s delicious. This fall, walk in a taco fan, leave a cornoisseur, during Cornutopia at Fuzzy’s.

It’s Cornutopia at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, and I know what you’re thinking: what the shuck is Cornutopia? It’s Fuzzy’s salute to major kernels. It’s taking corn from the cob to the spotlight. It’s a roasted corn celebration so a-maize-ing you’ll forget how stupid that joke was. Cornutopia is all about brisket tacos and chicken quesadillas overflowing with roasted corn, with a bowl of street corn and an ice-cold beer. And if that’s music to your mouth’s ears, we’ll see you at Fuzzy’s.