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Fuzzy’s Cold-Weather Favorites

It’s finally sweater weather. The sun has done its damage and now we’re left with beautiful fall leaves, chilly mornings and pumpkin-spiced everything. Our t-shirts and flip-flops are nestled safely back in the closet, and we’re looking ahead to the upcoming holiday season.

The cold weather is often a welcome change, especially for our Southern guests. However, adjustments need to be made as the weather takes a turn down the thermometer. Though Fuzzy’s Taco Shop offers a menu of full delicious items that are great year-round, some rise to the top as the temperature drops.

Here are our cold-weather favorites for fall:



The reason we don’t say “chips and queso” is because we like to remind our guests that queso doesn’t just need to go on a tortilla chip. Queso is a cross-functional, multi-menu-item fan favorite and can be served on most everything. Breakfast tacos, burritos, quesadillas — there’s nothing you can’t dunk into our warm queso. It’s like edible molten lava, and there’s no escaping its awesome power.

Drunken Pig

The Drunken Pig, or “Pork ’n’ Beans” as it’s often referred, comes with borracho beans, shredded spicy pork, shredded cheese, pico de gallo and tortilla chips. It’s so good you might even feel like a drunken pig afterward (we mean that in the best way imaginable).

If you’re really feeling chilly, throw some of that queso we were talking about in there.

Sliced Jalapenos

Let’s be real — most of our menu items are warm enough as it is. We’re not in the business of selling cold stuff (besides drinks, obviously). That being said, there’s still an opportunity to crank up the spiciness a few notches with one simple trick: add sliced jalapeños to anything and everything. They’ll cure those shivers in no time.

A Warm Liquor Blanket

For guests who are old enough to be served, there’s nothing wrong with throwing back a few beers, margaritas or beeritas to warm you up. You may need that sweater on your way out, but at least you’ll feel warm on the inside.

We know you’re warmer just thinking about all these cold-weather necessities. So don your favorite fall sweater and come get some heat at your local Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.