Fuzzy's Taco Shop | How Fuzzy’s Can Help You Get Through the Upcoming School Year


How Fuzzy’s Can Help You Get Through the Upcoming School Year

*Bell rings*

School is back in session. We know, we know, we miss hanging out with you all day, too. But education can be fun, right?


Sure, it doesn’t compare to dunking tacos in queso, but learning is a good thing. Plus, just because you’re back to hitting the books doesn’t mean we’re going anywhere. In fact, we think you may need us more than ever. Who’s going to help you study for that big exam? We are. Who’s going to quench your thirst afterward? Yep, us again.

Sharpen those pencils and take some notes, kids. Here’s how Fuzzy’s Taco Shop can help you get through the upcoming school year.

Study Sessions

Sure, you can meet up in the library (bo-ring) or maybe some overcrowded coffee shop, but let’s be real. Fuzzy’s is the place you want to be to get your study on. You and your study squad can drop anchor in a cozy, quiet corner and get to cramming — tacos and facts and figures.

Study Breaks

Regardless of whether you’re already here studying or need a break from the aforementioned sub-par study locations, Fuzzy’s is a great place to unwind and take a breather. For you college juniors and seniors, just be sure to go easy on the margaritas if you actually plan to go back into study mode.

Date Nights

Do you kids still go on dates? Assuming you do, we recognize that the school year brings a lot of new things and one of them happens to be romance. Whether it’s a casual new relationship or you’ve been going steady for years, Fuzzy’s is always a good spot to cook up some love.

Lunch Hangouts

The first half of the day is over, and now it’s time to reward yourself with chips, queso, guacamole and a whole mess of other deliciousness. Just try not to be too late to your first afternoon class. Unfortunately, we can’t write you a tardy note.

Post-Exam Celebration

You just finished that test you’ve been studying your keister off for. Let’s celebrate! With tacos! And beeritas!

Follow Your Teams

With the beginning of school comes football and more baseball. Fuzzy’s is THE place to catch all your favorite teams cream the competition.

Weekend Warriors

Ah, weekends. Little slices of summer wedged in between the busy school weeks. Save the homework for Sunday night and get here to kick the weekend off right.

See? We told you we weren’t going anywhere. Now have fun at your first day of school (if you haven’t started already). We’ll see you real soon!