Fuzzy's Taco Shop | Chill Out With Your New Summer Favorites


Chill Out With Your New Summer Favorites

Summer is heating up, seatbelts are scorching and blacktop is burning. Temperatures may be on the rise, but lucky for you, we have the perfect way to escape the sun. Take it Ice & Easy on the patio and cool things down with an ice-cold Fuzzy Mango, Sangria Swirl, or House FuzzyRita. Can’t pick a favorite? We know. Let us help you choose your chill.

Nothing says summer like the tropical taste of mango. The Fuzzy Mango is a fruity dream for the most festive of spirits who have a sweet-yet-tangy side and a love for all things sunny. If you’re looking for the life of the party, you’ll have no trouble finding it in this radiant refresher.

For anyone who’s not afraid to mix things up, the Sangria Swirl gives you the best of both worlds. Fruity sangria meets a classic margarita for a mash-up that makes the world go ‘round. You could say this drink is proof that some things really are better together.

Ah, and who could forget our beloved House FuzzyRita? Frozen, on the rocks, or topped with a Coronita—it’s a cool classic we couldn’t live without. What more can we say, it’s everything you love about a margarita, and the best way to take in every ounce of that salty, lime-y goodness.

Actually, scratch everything and just try all three. After all, we don’t know your taste buds, but we’ll bet they could use a cool down. So, grab your friends, hit the patio, and find out which frosty drink is your favorite.

With this many ways to chill, the sun is going to have to try a little harder. Show that air conditioner how it’s done while you sip your way through summer the Ice & Easy way at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.