Fuzzy's Taco Shop | Why You Should Bring Your Fuzzy Friend to Our Patio


Why You Should Bring Your Fuzzy Friend to Our Patio

There’s a reason we call them “man’s best friends.” In a way, they really are our BFFs (best fuzzy friends). They’re there for us when we’re feeling blue; they’re there for us when we’re celebrating good times; they’re there to eat the food that we accidentally spill on the floor.

Not that there’s much food spilling at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. Our tacos are precious cargo. But even if you don’t need Fido to pick up your mess at our place, you and your pup will be pleased to know that we have our Licker License. No, not that license (we know the difference, trust us). It’s the one that lets people bring their dogs to participating Fuzzy’s Taco Shop patios across the country.

This is great news for you and your four-legged friend because it offers another activity for you to do together. Our fuzzy friends are always there for us, but sometimes they’re not allowed to be. Like, while you’d like to take him as your +1 to your cousin’s wedding, your aunt Ruth simply won’t allow it. And though you insist he’ll be good to your boss and won’t break into the vending machine again, he’s still now allowed to come to work to you.

And for shame.

This is America. If all dogs can go to heaven, why can’t they sit beside us at mealtime?

At most Fuzzy’s Taco Shops, this is an everyday occurrence. Hungry guests chow down on tacos with their furry friends beside them on the patio. Chances are your pet loves to be outside just as much as he loves being with you (well, maybe not that much). Taking them to our patio is a perfect combination of the two. Plus, there are tacos! Dog parks are great and all, but dog parks don’t have tacos last time we checked.

Not only are you guaranteeing yourself some company while you eat, but you’re also getting your pet in touch with the great outdoors. Feels good to feel good, doesn’t it?

Notice we say “pet.” This doesn’t just apply to dogs. Bring your cat, rabbit, ferret or any other reasonably sized leashed animal friend in with you. We won’t discriminate. Unless it’s like a mountain lion or a bear or something. Note: “reasonably sized.”

Once you’ve decided to bring your pet to the nearest Fuzzy’s patio, use our guide on how to prepare for their visit.

Sit. Shake. Down. Roll over. Rolllll over. Good boy.

Make sure to call your local Fuzzy’s before you head down with your pooch to make sure they have their “Licker License”!