Fuzzy's Taco Shop | Your Best Instagrams of 2016


Your Best Instagrams of 2016

Now hold on just a minute, folks. Yes, we’re ready for 2017. Bring it on and all that. But there’s one thing we still need to do while looking back at 2016.

Instagram was straight fire last year, and we’d like to think we had something to do with that. There are amazing Fuzzy’s Taco Shop-dedicated posts uploaded daily to the Instagram universe, and it makes our hearts happy. While we wish we could take a look at every single one of them, for now, here’s some of our favorites from the past 12 months.

#1 – Beerita Crew

Grab your crew and come on by to celebrate #MargaritaMonday! ?: @happygilmore18 #FuzzysTacoShop #Margaritas

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We like nothing more than seeing a group of friends visit their nearest Fuzzy’s for another relaxed Monday on a patio. This post is one of our favorites because there’s so much to look at: beeritas, beers, good people, the Fuzzy’s sign and a beautiful city skyline. What more could you want on a Monday afternoon?

#2 – I’ll Have What She’s Having


Whoever said less is more was obviously not talking about the Fuzzy’s menu. More is more, dang it. When you find yourself with tacos, a smothered burrito, sopapilla chips and a beerita, you’ve found yourself in a pretty good situation.

#3 – Feast Mode

? ?: @fuzzysedmond

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You know, we often joke about guests coming in and ordering one of everything. It looks like this was no joke to these guests. It might not actually be one of everything, but when it takes up every inch of the table, you’ve done well for yourself.

#4 – Licker License

Our #beerita isn’t dog friendly, but our patios are! #fuzzystacoshop #gooddog ?: @finnleydapper

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We love this one because not only is one of our guests getting down on a delicious beerita, they’re also taking full advantage of Fuzzy’s Licker License. We love our four-legged friends. We love them so much they’re allowed on select Fuzzy’s patios across the country. Ruff life.

#5 – Start ’em Young

Bring your appetite to #fuzzystacoshop and we’ll bring the tacos. ?: @jaciaburri

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Is there anything more special than sharing a meal with your child? Yes, a meal that consists solely of tacos. Child, please.

#6 – Nacho My God

We wish someone would look at us the way this kid looks at his nachos. #fuzzystacoshop ?: @geeairmophoto

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Speaking of kids, we couldn’t stop smiling when we saw how this boy stared down his Fuzzy’s nachos. It’s not so much regret as pure unfathomable disbelief that he is lucky enough to be on the receiving end of these nachos. We assume this had a happy ending.

#7 – Taco Heaven

Last, but not least, we have to acknowledge a great taco shot when we see one. We are Fuzzy’s Taco Shop after all. This close-up shot of our California heat taco is perfection. Not only does it perfectly showcase each ingredient, it makes our mouth water.

Remember, share your favorite Fuzzy’s Taco Shop moments by tagging us @fuzzystacoshop or using #FuzzysTacoShop. You could just make it on to our list of 2017 favorites. #SeeYouSoon