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Catering to your addiction

Careful, your new addiction to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop can be a powerful force. An urge for a Fuzzy’s fix can hit during family gatherings, in the middle of an office meeting or even at your own wedding. Fortunately for you, there’s Fuzzy’s Catering!

We have plenty of options to relieve your Fuzzy’s cravings, with enough variety to satisfy everyone else, too. From BYOT (Build Your Own Taco) Bars, to appetizer trays, to fajita buffets, catering is a great way to introduce your friends, family or coworkers to that fresh, Baja-style food you love.

To keep things easy, we provide full-service catering or pick-up service, along with utensils, napkins and plates with all catering orders.

Most Fuzzy’s Taco Shop locations offer catering services with a wide variety of choices to make your next event a delicious success! Availability varies by location, so contact your local Fuzzy’s Taco Shop for details.